St Mary's  

A Healing Ministry takes place at each 9.30am Sunday service 

in the Lady Chapel of St Mary's Church Haverhill, during the Parish Eucharist

Anglican Teaching and Scripture 

The Church’s doctrine and Scriptures both underpin and call for the healing ministry to be established amongst those who believe, to give witness to the glory of God and evidence of the power and truth of His word.

The ministry within the parish is exercised in accordance with doctrine and directives of the Anglican Church and under the authority of the Parish Priest.

As a Parish we have  entered into this ministry… as a parish we pray for it and have faith that it will, with all the other ministries that are lived out in St Mary's, bear the fruit that Jesus spoke of…. that souls will be drawn to eternal life….

 A number of people have been on one or more training courses. Out of that number some have been commissioned into the healing ministry for the Parish and they operate under the Spiritual direction of Fr Ian the Rector.

 The team are not ‘healers’ but rather ‘intercessors’. Their role is to listen and then to intercede in Jesus name that the Father will bestow His free gift of healing on the individual being prayed with.

There is a great mystery in this ministry and it requires great humility on the part of our parish to embrace it and allow God to establish it’s fullness amongst us.

As we pray together some receive physical cures or part cures whilst others don’t. Many receive internal healing and for some healing is spread over time with repeated prayer. Every situation is different but it seems that perhaps everyone receives an increase in awareness of Jesus being present and having authority in every situation bringing peace and renewed strength. It is then a matter of Faith that we trust that having followed the teaching of Jesus as best as we are able, God has indeed heard us and is responding to our needs as only He can.

It is hoped that anyone who feels comfortable attending Sunday Church would also feel comfortable with the Healing Ministry 

The Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich
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