A Baptism (more popularly known as a Christening) is a chance to come and give thanks to God for your child and  to ask God to adopt them into His family.

God loves all people, but to be a member of God's family and a member of the Church of England is to experience the great promises  Baptism offers:
  • The promise of forgiveness of our sins.
  • The promise of healing and wholeness for life.
  • The promise of a place in eternal life.

St. Marys  invest in your Baptism

As Christians, a Baptism ensures we become members of Church family.
We believe and trust in God the Father - who made the world
We believe and trust in God the Son - Jesus, who redeems all people regardless of sin.
We believe and trust in God the Holy Spirit - alive and active in the world today.

We offer regular Baptism preparation courses for both Parents and Godparents.
We would like to also encourage you to come to Elevenses Church (every Sunday at 11am) a special, weekly event for the whole family to come to church - please follow the link on the left for more information  about Elevenses.

The Baptism service is friendly and relaxed.  
It is tailored to your individual needs and wishes.  
You can choose the music, hymns and readings.
Below are copies of the Baptism service and songs to choose from:

For more information about organising a Baptism, or have any questions regarding the service, please pop into the Church community area on a Saturday morning.

A Baptism is a special day for not only your child and you, but also your chosen Godparents, your Family and your Friends

Finally - A Baptism Service with St. Marys is completely free of charge

St. Marys also offer Adult Baptism Services - please contact us for more information

The Adult Baptism service: Adult Baptism service sheet2 A4 card.pdf

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